Performans ve Hedef Yönetimi




İşletmeler için olmazsa olmaz unsurlardan biri olan hedefler ve hedeflere bağlı performans değerlendirmelerini online ve pratik bir şekilde yapabilir, yetkinliklere göre farklı performans ölçütleri belirleyebilir, anketler düzenleyebilir ve tek tıkla raporlayabilirsiniz.

Various background options
Choose between simple color background, image or video attachment. Background options can also be adjusted to position your background image according to your needs.
Size customization
Title height can be automatic (based on it content height) or fixed. Fixed height can also be set in percentages. Yes, you are right – full screen titles are here!
Background animation
Simple to use fancy-looking modern and extremely smooth background and content animations. What would you choose – parallax or image scaling on scroll? Prefer content fading-out? You can use all!
Background overlay
Not satisfied with how your title looks on the background – mark it out applying color and pattern overlay to your background image. 12 predefined patterns available or you can always use your own.
Slope decoration
Customizable slopes can be applied to page title as well. Set height, color, direction and whether the slope should be positioned inside or outside the title. Just as with regular section.
Apply globally
What more important – all the mentioned features can be applied to any section of the page. Why limit yourself? Go and customize every single element!

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